Boston part 1

Hi everyone! It has been while since my last post and I really missed to be part of this amazing community of you, the bloggers. I got very overwhelmed because of all the changes in last two weeks, but my friend gave me an amazing advice, so for you who need some here it is. She told me:"You know what? Just be like an elephant. One bite at a time." And that was exactly what I did. Unfortunately, the blog had to wait for a little bit before I got through the other things. So this way, I also want to apologize those of you I haven' t gotten back for the emails and I promise I will do so soon.
Here you can look at some pictures from my trip to Boston. Actually, there were taken mostly during my driving and when we got on the hotel. Then we went to sleep. Oh boy, my back was in a pain after 4,5 hrs of driving :D . I will bring more pictures soon. Stay tuned!!
I hope you are having a wonderful week! 

p.s.: I loove checking out all the blogger's pictures of NYFW. What blog is your favorite one? Which one you think I shouldn't miss? Thank you for sharing :)