Pezzetta Cosmetics beauty afternoon

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon with Shannon Pezzetta and Nakisha Hodge, the founders of Pezzetta Cosmetics. The event was focused on presenting their super cool eye lashes and their application. I must say that the application part was very beneficial for me, because all of my attempts in the past had same ending: unsuccessful.
If you are not familiar with the Pezzetta Cosmetic, let me introduce you right now. Shannon and Nakisha are life-long friends, who decided to start their own business in 2011. When you see them working together, they are like the perfect business couple. Nakisha takes care of the marketing part, Shannon performs the art on her clients' faces and together they create duo that perfectly complements each other and is driven by their passion. Since Shannon lives on the West coast to be closer to her clients and Nakisha on the East coast, it can be challenging to keep the business running, but as they both agree they are determined to give it what it takes to make their company successful.
As I mentioned, their first product are four different styles of eyelashes. Shannon, the make-up artist, says that she wants to give the opportunity to every woman to feel like a star every single day. The Paparazzi, Center Stage, Red Carpet and Follow Your Dreams eyelashes will definitely get you there.
Even though their lashes are big success, the ladies are not stopping there. They are good to go for another exciting projects. So stay tuned to don't miss anything!

Thank you ladies for having me!

 always working couple

 some of make-up artist gear

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