Finding a balance

It has been few days since I posted something new. My routines are changing because of the school and I need to find the balance between all the work I need to do, although I enjoy putting all the effort in what I like. I hope you have a very nice week so far everybody! And tomorrow is Friday which means...?? Boston!! I am so excited!! If you live or have ever been to Boston or just know some place, I would love to if you could share with me your favorite places to go! 
That is everything for tonight :)
Thank you very much for reading everybody!
Have a beautiful Friday and enjoy your weekend!
Talk to you soon,

Not giving up

Although everybody is moving to the fall and also I am looking and picking new pieces, thanks to the East-Coast climate I can still take out of the closet some my favorite summer pieces. After all, it is still August, right? 

In the park

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good day. Today morning, we booked hotel for our trip to Boston which makes me even more excited then I was before. I can' t wait to spend a weekend with my very good friend by discovering a place I haven' t been to before. I just have to wait one week. Tomorrow is Friday! Again. I mean I am happy for that, but sometimes it frightens me how fast the time goes by. To the pictures- me and my friend spend Sunday afternoon in this gorgeous park which is close to my place. I like to go there just to relax and take a deep breath after the stress-full week. What about you? What is your place?

Flowers everywhere

Just like almost everybody else, I fell in love with this summer hit, the Zara shoes. Although, it took me some time to decide what color is the right for me. And the neutral won this time. I hope that you are enjoying the last days of the summer and last warm days - if you are that lucky to live in that kind of climate. My school starts next Monday so I am going to enjoy my last "free" weekend. :) Have a nice Wednesday everyone!!!

Comics obsession

Balenciaga t-shirts

Hi everyone! Since this comics/sci-fi themes are one of the 'must-have's for this fall (and also I like it a lot) I brought you some pictures and ideas. I hope you will enjoy it! Have a good day! 

The dress

I hope you had a good weekend everyone! Today, it has been a year since I came to States. I remember the net of hundreds of small houses staying next to each other, peppered by clay orange baseball fields while I was landing. I can' t be more grateful and happy for what happened during the past year. Oh by the way, this is the dress I was talking about in the last post. Soo comfy :) Have a good start a of new week!! xx

While working on a new one...

Hi everyone! There are bigger and bigger "time-distances" between my new posts and it does not make me happy at all. Unfortunately the amount of time I have is not helping as well. Ok, enough of complaining! I am going to work even harder! The picture above is from yesterday. I found this dress in sale for $20(!) and I absolutely love how comfortable it is. I will make more pictures this weekend so you can see it all.. that is all for now and I will talk to you later. Have a beautiful day!
p.s.: It is Friday! Yeeeeah!


Isabel Marant                                             Loren Hope                                      Zara Martin for Asos  

Solange Azagury                                              Iosselliani                                                  Rachel Zoe

Good evening!! I hope you had a great weekend just as I did. Since I like this this trend, I decided to show you some pieces with fringes. I like how much play-full this element is. You can create an outfit for your free time as well as formal occasion. I hope you will find some inspiration in my picks. Have a good night!

Sunset in NYC

As the headline prompts, these pictures were taken in NYC. Actually, they were already taken couple weeks ago. As I enjoy walking, I am grateful for my friends who keep walking with me through the city all day long without any target. 
Today, I accidentally heard a small part of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" and I remembered about me and my father driving in the car and having the volume boosted so loud that we couldn't hear our own voices while singing.. I like these moments :) Have a nice day! xx


Hi everybody! I hope you are having a nice week so far. The other day, I was looking for some dresses just from curiosity and I found these fabulous pieces, and suddenly, I there started raising these ideas about outfits in my head and these are the results. I hope you like it! Talk to you soon. xx

In Grey

necklace / watch/ bag / jacket / top / 1st bracelet / pants / hat / 2nd bracelet / shoes

Hi everybody! I hope you are having a nice weekend so far :) Today, I was about to make some more pictures, but unfortunately it did not work out so I will try to fix it as soon as I can. Instead, I made this mix-and-match, which is my very favorite thing to do lately. I hope you like it. I am going to sleep after this loong day.. Have a nice rest of the weekend!! xx

Go military

As you probably already registered, many upcoming collections have at least few pieces of military/camouflage style. Even-though I am over all military thing (no-comment-story), I like these elements in outfits. So I decided to bring some ideas for you and posted some pictures (under this post) with links. I hope you have a good week so far! xoxo Linda

p.s.: thank you everybody for your comments or just stopping by, it makes me happy to see that you like what I do