Pep Talk

Yesterday, I was wandering around Walnut street to explore the shopping possibilities in the center city of Philadelphia. Somewhere between Zara and American Apparel's racks I caught myself thinking: "No, it is not   appropriate." "I can't wear this." and "This is too much."
To be clear, I am not criticizing the brands' collection but my own dare wearing it. 

It is not that I would refuse to wear something because of other people's judgments. 
What is it then?

I stopped at a cafe to brood over my thoughts and give some rest to my sore feet. ( I have never got lost in NYC, but I am regularly lost in Philadelphia) In the meantime of  nibbling a bread with beetroot spread, I was enumerating a list of reasons why not to wear what I like. Finally, I thought myself: "Wait a minute. When I put on something that is not 'me' just because I think it is 'right' thing to do, it never feels right and I never feel comfortable in it." 

I guess what I want to say is not to be scared of doing what we really want to and stop paying attention to the thoughts that are holding us back. Kick the heels up!

You know what I mean? Do you hear me?

picture credit: Man Repeller, Sea of shoes

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  2. Nice post!
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  3. wow stunning post !
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  4. I totally agree, great post dear!!!

  5. Good point, definitely.

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  6. I hear ya and feel ya! I always say that you should wear what you like and if you like it and feel confident about your choices, you'll look great in the clothes too. Am I right or am I right?:)

    P.S.: Miss Man Repeller's cool!!

  7. leandra from MR once said "if it feels wrong, it looks right" and "comfort is a state of mind" .. some of my fav quotes :)


  8. I sometimes feel the same way, except that I'm wearing what I want to wear and not feeling comfortable because it's different. Forget about what anyone else thinks because it's your money you're spending, your body you're dressing and your life you're living!

  9. I agree! We should stop paying attention to what people around us think :)

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  11. I hear ya! I think we all have comfort zones in fashion, just like anything else in life.


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