I found this jacket in TOPSHOP store and even-though I probably will not own this piece (yes, it is out of my price range.. ), it is one of my favorite finds for this fall.

Peplum shirt

Hi there! I hope you had a nice weekend! Here are my first pictures for the blog as I was talking about them. It's very late now, so I am heading to the bed. Good night xx

KONY 2012 - invisible children

Kony 2012 is a movement which includes thousands of volunteers all around the world. It is targeted against Joseph Kony, the leader of Lord Resistance Army in Uganda, who started stealing food and using the children as soldiers in his army or abuse them other brutal ways. Here you can watch the promote video from the main person who realized this campaign. If you wanted to help you can visit the store or donate the money right a way. You can visit the Kony's 2012 page here and here as well. As they say: "Make him famous." Let's give our help where it is needed.

Like a man

I enjoy collection by CĂ©line -Fall 2012. I like the men's elements like the coats or trousers. Overall, I think that this style is chick and fits very easily. I can't even say which one is my favorite, because I enjoy the hats, jackets as well as the oxford shoes. Do you like this "like a man" trend?


Hi there! I hope you had a nice day.. Here I come with the first one trend for the fall and winter- pelpum. You can find it in Bueberry, Elie Saab, Peter Som as well as in many other collections for upcoming fall/winter. Do you like this style?


Hi everyone! How are you doing in the middle of week? Yesterday, I was doing my firs shooting for the blog and I don't know who suffered more- me or my friend making pictures. Anyway, let's see what we get from it. At least we had a lot of fun :) I am not posting any pictures now, but I promise to do so little bit later today. Have a nice rest of the day!


Elie Saab is my favorite designer of evening dress. Every time I see his new collection, my heart starts beating really fast. About fall/winter 2012-2013 haute couture collection I can't say anything else. Beautiful! And look at the shoes! Here are my favorite pieces (I love the last one the most)...
 p.s.: I made it!! :D


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Not today...

Hi everyone! I hope you survived Monday with no mood damage. Have you recently overestimated yourself? It happened to me yesterday when I promised to post my favorite trends of the fall. Oh boy! My computer skills showed up as a quite poor and the bit of time I have to work on it is not enough as well. It might not happened today, but I promise to finish it as soon as it will be look-worthy. Have a good night!!

Hi there!

 Welcome! You just entered my new blog through which I want to share my enthusiasm for living and passion for fashion. I don't want to leave the blog empty, so while I am working (trying) on my new posts about fall must-haves, you can check out some pictures from my awesome vacation in Caribbean. I am looking forward to talk to you again!! Have a good start of new week! xoxo