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Couple days ago, I got an email asking me how I started with blogging and if I could give an advice to those who are begging. ( By the way, thanks for boosting my ego haha. (just a bad joke)). Well, let me say that I still consider myself as a newbie, but I think there are couple things I have learned so far and I am happy to share them with you.

1. Enjoy
I think that this is a fundamental necessity to be a good blogger. Just to your think, do what you like and you will be good at it. 
When I was starting posting, I was so stressed out when I did not do anything on my blog for couple days. (My life is very busy sometimes.) But now I know that I would rather take my time to work on something that is worth to look at than do a post that I am not really happy about. And guess what? Somehow I started managing all I have to do and all I love to do. Blogging.

One of the way to get more audience is to find blogs with the similar topic as your blog is and leave a comment with the address of your blog. (I know, nothing new. We all do it.) 
Try to be more creative with your comments more than "Love it" "Nice" ... If your comment is different, others will more likely want to check out your blog!
You can also send your blog's link to your friends and their friends to get more visitors. Hey, that's how social network works like.
Also, if you make yourself more accessible through social network that  is a big advantage for you.

3. Stand up for it
Once you like what you are doing (viz number 1) stick with it and make your own decision about your blog. Do you want to do cooperation with (fashion) brands? Great do it! Some bloggers like it some don'y, but it is up to you which way you want to go.

4. Ask
Just like I got the email asking me about some advice, I too asked for some technical help. Remember? I talk about it in this post. I mean blogging is about sharing,right?

Happy Wednesday,


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  4. So makes a difference if the comments are not just 'love it' like you said! It is really hard to crack into blogging if you are just new! So hard! Will have to follow you for more tips :)

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  5. Thanks so much for your lovely comment in our blog!You´ve got a great style! REally like your blog, congrats! We are following you now via bloglovin!

  6. Great post! And nice to see different tips for blogging! Thanks for sharing!