Finds of the week

Hi everyone! 

I decided to dedicate Friday evenings' (possibly Saturday mornings) posts to the most interested pieces I bumped into during the week. Here is my firs selection.
Hope you like it!

Happy Friday,

The Swimsuit

Alright, for the upcoming season we have to get ready not only our buttocks but the closet business as well, right? This snake print piece from Allsaints is my choice.

 The Shirt

Just because I think that men pieces will never be boring and can show femininity as well as mini skirts. The Club Monaco shirt's color is the right blue for spring and the print makes it much more fun.  

The Heels

Right now white is the leader, but hey little bit of neon never hurts, right? 

iPad mini cover

When (after two months) my iPad mini cover broke (plastic crap) I started looking for a new one. This time, I decided to go with something more "clutchy". I was almost about starting getting desperate, but then I remembered about Etsy and suddenly I could not make the choice.

Battery Charger

This time I got inspired by Olivia's blog  and I couldn't leave this little miracle out of my list. This is a perfect thingy for upcoming festival season that can charge your iPhone or iPad without being plugged in the wall (if you know what I mean). Even if you don't have any festival plans I think it is great thing to have while traveling or just having a busy running day. Check more technical information here.

So what do you think? Do you like my list? Which one is your favorite? 

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  1. Nice picks! I've just recently blogged about my picks too - Hope you can drop by and say hi :)

  2. i want a pair of that Senso heels! awesome picks dear! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  3. Les chaussures sont canons !

  4. LoVe the heels and great choice of men's shirt- brilliant blue. I also like the way your site is laid out: soothing and professional. Great work!